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Fourth SICM System – Delta

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Scanning ion conductance microscopy is a versatile tool nanoscale research, including biochemistry, materials, etc. After our first three SICMs: Alpha, Beta and Gamma, we christen our fourth home-made SICM system “Delta” this year.

Delta was designed and built by Lingjie. Although this SICM is aimed for fast-scanning, it is good for other kind of work like P-SICM and other versatile applications, it is fully customizable. Delta uses software programmed in LabVIEW and Python, which is user friendly.

Several benchmark tests have been done. This is a very high-resolution scanning image of a standard gold electrode sample which has 5um channels between each of two column. This image is 512×512 pixels and contains 100×100 micron area.

Check back soon to see what we do with Delta!!

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