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Guillaume Rouelle
Paris, 1725
Antoine Lavoisier
Paris, 1764
Jean Bucquet
Paris, 1770
Claude Berthollet
Paris, 1778
Joseph Gay-Lussac
Paris, 1800
Justus von Liebig
Erlangen, 1822
Heinrich Will
Giessen, 1839
Friedrich A. Kekule
Giessen, 1852
Antoine Franchimont
Leiden, 1871
C. A. Lobry de Bruyn
Leiden, 1883
Nicholass Schoorl
Amsterdam, 1901
Isaak M. Kolthoff
Utrecht, 1918
James J. Lingane
Minnesota, 1938
Allen J. Bard
Harvard, 1958
Richard. M. Crooks
Texas, 1987
Lane A. Baker
Texas A&M, 2001


Our research group aims to train students to excel as both a scientist and a person.  We realize and value the importance of diverse backgrounds and ideas in generating new scientific knowledge, and in promoting a healthy work environment.  We value freedom of expression, civil discourse, and diversity in opinions, research, teaching, and life.

We seek the generation of new scientific knowledge, the development of the next generation of scientists, fostering the scientific community and educating the public in our work.

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