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NSF CCI Center for Single-Entity Nanochemistry and Nanocrystal Design

A consortium from Indiana University, Texas A&M, Temple and the University of Texas have recently been awarded a grant to establish the NSF Center for Chemical Imaging – the Center for Single-Entity Nanochemistry and Nanocrystal Design.

The goal of this center is to address one of the biggest challenges in nanocrystal chemistry – the inherent heterogeneity of nanocrystals – by creating the scientific toolkit and chemical knowledge to separate individual nanocrystal responses from bulk property measurements. This research is supported by the NSF Centers for Chemical Innovation Program Grant #2221062 from the Division of Chemistry.

Aggies associated with the center are Lane Baker and Xin Yan, who will focus on instrument design and analysis by electrochemistry and mass spectrometry. A press release from TAMU describes the more details of the project.

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