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New paper published from Kristen Alanis – SICM of Nafion-modified Nanopores

Kristen has a new paper out in Journal of the Electrochemical Society –

Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy of Nafion-Modified Nanopores
Kristen Alanis et al 2023 J. Electrochem. Soc. 170 066510


Great SICM imaging and COMSOL simulations!

The report is a collaboration with Zuzanna Siwy at UC Irvine and describes single nanopores in silicon nitride membranes are asymmetrically modified with Nafion and investigated with scanning ion conductance microscopy, where Nafion alters local ion concentrations at the nanopore. Effects of applied transmembrane potentials on local ion concentrations are examined, with the Nafion film providing a reservoir of cations in close proximity to the nanopore. Fluidic diodes based on ion concentration polarization are observed in the current-voltage response of the nanopore and in approach curves of SICM nanopipette in the vicinity of the nanopore. Experimental results are supported with finite element method simulations that detail ion depletion and enrichment of the nanopore/Nafion/nanopipette environment.

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