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  • Fourth SICM System – Delta

    Fourth SICM System – Delta

    Scanning ion conductance microscopy is a versatile tool nanoscale research, including biochemistry, materials, etc. After our first three SICMs: Alpha, Beta and Gamma, we christen our fourth home-made SICM system “Delta” this year. Delta was designed and built by Lingjie. Although this SICM is aimed for fast-scanning, it is good for other kind of work…

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  • Single-Entity Nanoparticle SECCM

    Single-Entity Nanoparticle SECCM

    The Baker group studied single-entity electrochemistry in the collaboration with Ye group (Indiana University Bloomington) to study and characterize electrocatalytic activity of single nanocrystals by utilizing scanning electrochemical cell microscopy (SECCM) and correlative microscopy. The methodology framework for SEE suggested here could inform future studies of complex electrocatalytic processes through correlative single-entity and macroscale measurement…

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  • Ion Channel Probe-SICM

    Ion Channel Probe-SICM

    The bakergrp developed ion channel probes (ICP) for SICM to expand the functional sensing capabilities of SICM. The initial stage of ICP-SICM was developed in 2014 by Yi Zhou in collaboration with Craig Aspinwall’s group at the University of Arizona, where α-hemolysin was incorporated within a black lipid membrane at the tip of the pipette.…

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