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Graduations 2024

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Pittcon 2024

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Krista defends – YGG!

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New members of the bakergrp 2023

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Texas Electrochemical Roundup

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Legion published in ACS Measurement Science Au

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GRC on Chemical Imaging

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Sasha Alden selected for 2023 ECS Summer Fellowship

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New paper published from Kristen Alanis – SICM of Nafion-modified Nanopores

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Cody and Yunong advance to candidacy.

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Kristen and Sasha PhD candidates again

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Dr. Luan Felipe Campos Oliveira Arrives

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Pittcon 2023

Kelly, Lingjie, Cody, Yunong, Krista, Sasha, Segun and Lane got back in the saddle at Pittcon 2023, …

Dr. Xiang Wang Arrives

Spread the love Dr. Xiang Wang recently joined the bakergrp, having just graduated from Michael Mirk…

Lane named honorary fellow of AAAS

Spread the love Lane is named an honorary fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of …

Cody Leasor elected to GSAC

Spread the love Cody Leasor was elected as an analytical division representative to the Graduate Stu…

New Members Join the Baker Group!

Spread the love Kelly Vernon joined the Baker group this fall as the first true Aggie. She gained he…

Benchtop SEM and Sputtercoater

Spread the love If asked what we’ll be imaging the most with this instrument, the answer will be nan…

Potentiometric-Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy

Spread the love Potentiometric-Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (P-SICM) is a rising sub-class of…

One-Year Anniversary

Spread the love In January of 2022, after 16 great years at Indiana University, the bakergrp loaded …

Our New COMSOL Simulation Horsepower

Spread the love For electrochemists doing research with scanning probe techniques, COMSOL modeling p…

NSF CCI Center for Single-Entity Nanochemistry and Nanocrystal Design

Spread the love A consortium from Indiana University, Texas A&M, Temple and the University of Te…

SEAC Reilley Award

Spread the love Lane was recently selected as the recipient of the 2023 Charles N. Reilley Award by …

Fourth SICM System – Delta

Spread the love Scanning ion conductance microscopy is a versatile tool nanoscale research, includin…

Group Trip to 2022 Texas Renaissance Festival

Spread the love Texas Renaissance Festival

Single-Entity Nanoparticle SECCM

Spread the love The Baker group studied single-entity electrochemistry in the collaboration with Ye …

Return to A&M and McAfee Chair Appointment

Spread the love The bakergrp relocates to the Department of Chemistry at Texas A&M University, L…


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